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Sunday - The journey home

A nightmare

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The coach arrived at 12:50 and picked us up and a few other families too. We then went into Pefkos to another hotel to get some more homeward bound people. But there seemed to be a mess up as there were more people here than on the list. With a bit of toing and froing it got sorted as there were enough seats on the coach to accommodate everyone.

After a little while we were going along a narrow winding mountainous road when a call came from down the coach for the driver to stop. One of the passengers had puked up down the aisle. Seems like we had a boozing Brit on board who had too much to drink all day. So here was another delay, He got off the coach for some fresh air and whilst the driver made the culprit’s girlfriend clean up the mess. Then we were on our way again. But 10 mins on still winding through the dark narrow mountainous roads, the driver had another coach behind signal him to stop. After a while we found out that the water for the air conditioning was pouring out the back. So we were stuck there until another coach arrived to take us on to the airport.

Once we got to the airport the travel rep went in to see what desks we had to check in at. There were 2 lots of passengers on the coach, some for London Gatwick, and the rest, like us, going to Manchester. When she came back she told the Gatwick ones where to go and then told the Manchester crowed that our flight had been delayed for 12 hours and they would put us up overnight in a hotel. By the time we got to the hotel it was 4:30 am!!!!

Getting to the 7th floor room we quickly realised there was nothing to drink, no tea making facilities and also there was a warning message not to drink the water from the taps. After phoning reception we found we had to go back to reception where there was a water fountain, from which we fetched some water back to our room.
On the way back we were met another couple from our coach who showed us their room which had not been cleaned before it was allocated to them.

It did not take us long to get to sleep but by 8:30 we needed to be up for breakfast. It was then that we realised we were in an all inclusive hotel. Maybe the champagne on the way into the breakfast room gave it away. After a good cooked breakfast we went back to the room to relax and watch some TV. We really enjoyed CNN as there was a comedy news show.

At 12 we had to be checked out of the room, which we did easily as we wanted to get home as quick as possible. After a buffet lunch of pork chop and salad with Greek potatoes which again was free our coaches arrived. This time we were told there would be another hour delay.

Waiting at the airport was not too bad as we were right by the runway and we could see the aircraft coming and going also we had some magazines to read. The only problem was being thirsty. After waiting in a queue for what must have been 20 mins I was charged €6.60 for 2 bottles of coke!!!! That’s £3 for a small bottle. I’m sure they are ripping off people who can’t bring fluids past passport control.

Oh well. We finally boarded our aircraft getting on at the front and then finding we were sat at the back. Once sat down we relaxed. We even enjoyed the pre-flight safety film which had children playing all the parts.
After spending €11 on a whisky and whisky & coke (another rip off) we settled to watch the onboard entertainment films were “New in Town” & “Race to Witch Mountain”. Flying back in the daylight was nice we could look down on the Dalmatian coast and see all the islands. The meal this time was ok it was tasty but it was only sausages mash and veg. But anyway, we were on our way home!!!

We landed at Manchester in the rain we had heard that since we left it had rained every day in Birmingham except the middle Saturday. We got our cases (minus 1 strap) and we were on our way to the bus to take us to the car park.

After getting on the wrong coach (right company wrong coach) we eventually got on the right one but just as the driver was about to pull away He was waved down as some one had left a bag behind, Sue’s bag. Hahaha.

We got to the car and asked for directions back to the motorway, it was a good job we asked as one of the entry roads was closed off for maintenance. The instructions seemed simple enough but we still missed the turning. Soooo tired by this time. But eventually we got on the right road and arrived back home at 11:30pm. The holiday, over.

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Saturday - Getting ready to go home

The lul before the storm

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We got up at 8 and packed and were out by 12. It did not really take us 4 hours but we did it at a leisurely pace. We also had ¾ bottle of ouzo left which we mixed with coke in a coke bottle to take to the pool with us but there was a funny scum on the surface but that didn’t take the taste away hahaha.

We had until 12:45am to wait for our transfer to the airport and we had already decided that we would keep our swimming stuff out and spend the last part of our vacation by the pool. After leaving our packed cases in reception, we settled by the pool with the ouzo and coke and books. A couple of hours later we stopped for lunch, when I had same as the previous day and Sue had a tuna salad with side of fries. Then it was back to pool until 8pm!!!

We got changed and had dinner where we shared a bowl of mushrooms in cream and Gyros platter. The barman had 1966 World cup T-shirt on which seemed a bit strange but then we all have our strange T-shirts.

After dinner we waited by pool until coach arrived at about 12:45. We kept the alcohol down after dinner as we didn’t want to be rolling around the airport. Little did we know what we had in store for us.

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Friday - Last full day

Doing plenty of nothing by the pool

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Friday was going to be another “Pool day” after breakfast we grabbed sun loungers and made ourselves comfortable. After a couple of hours reading, sunbathing and swimming We went for lunch of salad by pool We both had chicken & bacon with side fries very nice even the waitress commented on how nice it looked. Then back to pool. After a while we got ready to go out early. We walked into Pefkos and down the Beach road to the Fuse bar. Sue had 2 cocktails this time. A Ruby Kiss & a Black Russian. We mentioned to owner that we had met his farther in Rhodes and that he had mentioned his grand child. He then showed photo on phone of his nephew. We then realised that we had seen his brother and his English wife and nephew when we had a coke next to Georges where we hired the car.

After our drinks we called into the T-shirt shop and bought 2 T-shirts one with “SirRogue” on the other with “TheSassyOne”. We then stopped at Smiles for a meal. For starters it was Mellon & Prosciutto ham, and mushrooms stuffed with feta & prawns. My main course was steak with onion/mushroom sauce and Sue had chicken fillet in honey and mint sauce. A really nice meal.

We then got Kali-Mae her towel we had spotted before and finally walked back to complex and a B&C and an ouzo and eventually to bed.

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Thursday - another "Grand Tour"

Exploring the East coast of Rhodes (Faliraki is not for us)

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Today was the last day for our car so we decided to explore the East coast. After a breakfast of cereal and bananas we got ready and drove to Haraki , a place with a castle named Feraklos was used as prison by the templar knights. After a brief photo stop we then moved on to Arch Angelos. We drove around its small streets to find some where to park. I thought it might be a good idea to take a photo of where the car was so if we got lost we could show it and ask for directions. We walked to the church by looking for the bell tower keeping track of which way we went. Unfortunately the church was shut so no more candles for Sue to play with. We found our way back to square we had gone through earlier and had coke sat out side what may have been a Taxi office. Now I don’t think I look Greek but maybe it was the tan and where we were sat but a Greek couple on a motor bike stopped and asked for directions. Which obviously I could not help them with. At this point Sue decided to call me Kostos. We retraced our way back to car. But then tried to find way out of Arch Angelos.

The streets were so narrow and started to look the same. Sue we felt we could not have come through before because they looked too narrow. Some had a mopeds parked in them, some had cars. At one time we ended up in a building site (maybe because there was space there). But unfortunately a lorry transporting concrete blocked our way, or was it we blocked his. With a few pleading looks he relented and reversed to let us past. At one point not all his wheels were on the road as he was leaning over the edge of the hill!!! After going past him and driving round more we realised we could not get out of Arch Angelos that way so had to go back the way we came hoping that the lorry driver didn’t spot us. Again we came to the place where a parked moped seemed to block the road. We squeezed past and found ourselves on the road out of Arc Angelos. Just before we came out of the village we spotted a cemetery there was one mentioned in the guide book for having the graves painted blue and white but I don’t think this was the one. But we still walked around this sad place.

Onto Faliraki which we felt was much like Weston-super-Mare & Blackpool. We drove past the McDonalds, KFC & Pizza Hut. And found a place to park near the beach. Right next door was a Taverna where I had a lunch of mousse and Sue had stifado with a side of onion rings and chips. My moussaka was yummy scrummy and Sue enjoyed her lunch too. We walked up the main shopping road looking for gifts to take back as this was the real tourist place to buy gifts. But after a while the heat got to us and we stopped for a slush puppy.

By now we had had enough. We drove back to Pefkos and stopped in a supermarket on the way for some rolls but they were not fresh enough. In Pefkos we stopped at the bakers we went to before just and got some rolls and cakes. When we got back to the complex we put our swimming stuff on and went to the pool to cool down. Whilst sat by the pool Sue had a thought about the cakes being left out. I went back to rescue them from the “ants” then after a little while longer by the pool we came back and ate the cakes which I had put in the fridge Mmmmmm. Then got ready to take the car back.

After we took the car back and the petrol was checked we were transportless, so now we made our way back to the complex at a slow pace. It wasn’t so hot by this time (8pm) but it was still nice to pop into the shops. Though the 1st place we called into wasn’t a shop it was Fuse cocktail bar, (we had met the owners’ father in Rhodes). Sue had a Mai Tai cocktail (very nice) and I had a large Mythos (very welcome) this was one the 3rd place to give freebies Here we had a bowl of peanuts with our dinks. After our thirst was quenched we called into the T-shirt printing shop next door which made us smile with the various “logos” on them. We then made our way up the Beach road and called into another shop to buy some more gifts for Sarah, Rachel and the rest and then we were on the main road. With feet getting sore already we called into another shop where we saw a towel for Kali-Mae and a purse for Laura but by this time we were out of money. On getting back to the room (10pm) Sue prepared nice ham cheese and tomato rolls (after clearing the ants).

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Wednesday - Visiting the nearest beach

Feeling ripped off in Lindos

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After lazy morning went to nearest beach, which did not look that, great when we 1st looked down on it. Very safe and sandy snorkelled and saw more fish than in Italy I went further round the bay and saw loads more at least 5 types. Did not stay too long on beach, as there was no shade. Came back to room had lunch and dozed. My back was very red even though I had sun cream on but I was in the water more than on the beach.

After getting ready we drove to Lindos for dinner as it seems quite a few people enjoyed eating there. We made our way down to the main square but were not sure if the space we saw was for disabled parking or not until an “attendant” confirmed our suspicions and directed us to the main car park. By this time it was just gone 9 which meant free parking. Lindos in the evening is so different to 7am in the morning. There were so many people around. All the shops had their wears displayed on their walls which were so different from the white walls we first saw. We found a restaurant up a narrow lane with roof garden I had stifado with potatoes but no onions, Sue had Greek plate which she didn’t think was that good. Mousaka tasted a bit different. After dinner went back into Lindos which was still very busy and had crepes. The Nutella and banana crepes were advertised at a take away price of €2.50 each. But we decided to eat in with an extra 2 scoops of ice cream and coke each total cost €8 each!!!!

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