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Saturday - Excess Luggage

Driving to Manchester and our flight

After buying all out holiday clothes (mainly from Asda and JB sports for me) we packed our bags Friday evening Saturday morning before our trip.

All the plants watered, all the appliances unplugged (except the satellite boxes we’re recording on) we were off to Manchester to get our 9:30pm flight. We left Birmingham at 2:45pm giving us loads of time to get to airparks where we would leave the car for 2 weeks. Manchester is only about 100 miles away and we had to be at the airport 3 hours before the flight. But even after missing the turn off from the M6 to the M60 (Sue’s fault) and driving around a housing estate we still managed to get to the car park within 2 hours. Thirty mins later we were at terminal 2 over 4 hours before our flight was due to take off.

When we arrived we found out we could not pick up our tickets until 6:30 so off we went in search of a coffee which we eventually found in the arrivals area the floor below departures. After we got our tickets we checked in. First shock. We were 12 Kg over the baggage limit of 15kg each and were charged £120!!! When we asked at the place we had to pay our “fine” why there were different limits with different companies, we were told that some companies reduce their prices but then reduce the baggage limit. I blame it all on Sue’s 7 pairs of foot ware hahaha. We then went to grab a bit to eat. I feel sorry for the person serving us at Burger King now, as when we had out Chicken Supreme meal deals and asked for milkshakes we were charged a whole 40p extra each!!!! Disgusting!!!! Poor chap he did get the brunt of our seething over the luggage.

Eventually it was out turn to board the plane our tickets were nos. 55 & 56 for some reason I thought that was the seat numbers so when “all the rest” were called we boarded the plane we trundled down to the back end of the aircraft then realised we were only in the 2nd row of seats!!!

Leg room was ok for the 3hrs 40mins of the flight. There was the film 17 Again, which we both enjoyed (we guessed we would be charged for headphones and brought our own) and the aircraft meal even though served on a small tray was very tasty. Chicken in some sort of tomato sauce with green beans and mash I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in an aircraft meal as I’ve never expected too much. Except for a British airways meal where I had a carry-on packed lunch.

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